Yugawara Onsen, Akane
Yugawara the scenery of Sagami Bay and Yugawara from 100 meters above sea level.

【Official】Hotel Akane

The landscape of the Manazuru Peninsula, Sagami Bay and Yugawara Townscape overlooking from the hotel is said to be the Best Yugawara. Please enjoy the transition of the four seasons of change to your heart's content.

New space

  • The new lobby space

    In August 2018, the lobby space became new.
    Please enjoy the magnificent view of Mt Izu the front from the spacious space.
    In addition, the newly appointed "Terrace Takamine" overlooks the cityscape from Sagami Bay
    the Best Yugawara is a terrace boasting the the Best Yugawara view of the Best Yugawara.
  • The new bar lounge

    【Bar, Moonlitime beach】

    October 2018 The bar lounge moved from the former "mushroom" to "moonlit beach"
    I was born again.

    A karaoke lounge where you can enjoy dinner time.
    Even small groups can be used From the seats to the box seats
    Up to 44 people can be used.

Akane's hospitality

  • Akane's hospitality

    ■Dinner and breakfast will be served in your room.
    In the hotel you do not have to worry, in order to have dinner with each other,
    We will arrange for your room with evening and breakfast.
    (For more than 7 people will be prepared for private dining hall)

    ■Female customers can choose your favorite color from 5 Yukata colors.

    ■You can take a bath in the hot spring public bath all night.
    (Cleaning time will be from 10:00 to 13:30)

    ■Yugawara Station Free pickup
    Guests coming by train from Yugawara Station from the person
    There is a free pick-up service. (From 14: 00 to 18: 00 / Yugawara Station After arrival necessary inquiries)

Accommodation plan Akane

  • Popular! Cooking plan you can choose

    Choose by cooking
    It is the most popular plan hotel. It is a plan that you choose the main dish every season.
    Until March we will have a plan of the pot and others, while watching the sea in Yugawara
    We are delivering abundant seafood plan.

    Weekday night and two meals (Main cuisine selection)
    ¥ 14,580(Consumption tax included / other hot spring taxes 150 yen separately)~

  • "Banquet plan" for groups and organizations of 10 people or more

    Company's forgotten annual meeting, study tour, comfort tour of fellows etc.
    It is a plan that puts a drink of the party to make it easy for you to stay.

    1 night / 2 beverages per weekday / 1 beer at banquet
    \ 12,500(consumption tax·Hot spring tax included)~

    2 meals per weekday / 120 minutes at banquet with all you can drink
    \ 14,500(consumption tax·Hot spring tax included)~

    ※Please contact us by phone on Friday, Saturday holiday, specific days.

    ■There is also a conference training plan with conference room and set.
  • We also have accommodation plan combined with the conference.

    ■For companies / communities【Conference training plan】
    This is a accommodation plan that combines two nights with a meeting room (with coffee).

    ■For university students / graduate students【Seminar training plan】
    Two meals per night, meeting room, teaching room etc are prepared.

Special one day

  • Only for three nights☆【Christmas plan for the two】

    Only three days from 12/23 (sun) to 25 (Tue) at our Hotel Akane
    We have prepared a couple exclusive Christmas plan this year.

    It is said that the night view of Yugawara viewed from the hotel is unique.
    We will arrange meals in your room with breakfast and evening meal
    You can relax relaxingly with two persons.

    Dinner for 10 items including Christmas appetizers and hot pot cooked dishes
    We will arrange cake for wine full bottle, dessert.

    This year I will have a slightly different Christmas from the city in two people
    What do you think?

    We are waiting for you to prepare a room with a view of the sea and night view for the two of you.

  • New Year【New Year's holiday·New Year Plan】

    Will you welcome New Year with your family with hot springs during the New Year's Holiday?
    The sunrise you desire from our hotel on a sunny day is exceptional.

    For three days from New Year's Eve - 2nd, breakfast will be a rustic style menu.
    Waking up while watching the sunrise, Hatsumode is a walking distance from the hotel
    "Gosho (otoshima) shrine" is crowded.

    ※The image on the left is the sunrise from the hotel in January 2018.
  • 2019 First journey in the New Year☆Two-person charter hot spring! 【Enjoy room meals and private baths New Year】

    Reasonable fee appears in first-come-first-served order during the period from January 4 to January 31.

    It is a plan that you can prepare irregularly depending on availability.
    Please note that it will be a supplement for 3 groups a day limited in order of reservation.

    【Special Advantages】
    We will serve a private bath for 40 minutes during our stay.
    ※Please make a reservation by telephone after reservation is completed.

Seasonal events you can not miss

  • Autumn leaves and tea ceremony at Oku Yugawara in autumn

    "Duration", November 14, Heisei 20(soil)~ November 29 (Day)
    "business hours", 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.
    "Fee", ¥ 500 per person (Includes entrance fee · Green tea)

    With a calm tea ceremony by famous architect design, in silence,
    You can enjoy a cup of tea. If you wish, you can also observe the method of operation before you. (No reservation required)
    ※We can not visit you on Monday, November 16 (Wednesday) to 18 (Wednesday).
  • Yugawara Bairin【Plum feast】

    It will be the 24th time this time (2019).
    About 4 thousand red plums and white plums are on the mountain foot slope of "Makiyama" where you can meet majestic natural scenery through the four seasons
    Blooming like a plum carpet, the garden is wrapped in plum fragrance.

    "Duration", February 2, 2019(soil)~ March 10 (Day)

    【Guests staying at this facility will be entrance free】
    ■In case of visiting before check-in···Please submit the entrance ticket to the front desk of the hotel.
                  I will exchange it.
    ■In case of visiting after checkout···Free admission tickets will be distributed at this facility.
    ■Every morning from the hotel, free bus service to Bairin

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