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  2. Conference training plan

Conference training plan

  • Conference training plan(For companies / people for workers)

    For company / company training, hobby gathering, general meeting, cooperation society etc
    It is a plan with a suitable "meeting room use and accommodation" set.

    ■Proposal of conference training plan
    ① From home alone Yugawara free relief at local collection with pick-up transfer
    ② Whole building wifi
    ③ We have a projector, screen, white board etc
    ④ Refresh while watching the ocean break
    ⑤ Cool down head and body at Yugawara natural spa after training session
    ⑥ Please change clothes for dinner with a yukata

    ■Contents of conference training plan
    ① It can be used from 10 people (4 people from 1 room capacity available)
    ② Nightly 2 meals and conference rooms and taxes are included (Meeting room on the 13th to 18th)
    ※Next day use Please contact us except the above time
    ③ You can have coffee once during the meeting
    ④For meetings with more than 50 people, we will arrange another venue.

    ◇1 night, 2 meals Weekdays 14,300 yen (hot spring tax 150 yen not included) ~