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Shops where you can have a flight

  • A ramen shop that can be arranged in a row【Iida Shoten】

    It is a popular shop where there are not people who do not know during the ramen way. Shopkeeper's personality, passion for ramen is conveyed Yugawara push is not pushing a famous shop.
  • A baker who can have a queue【BREAD & CIRCUS】

    There is a famous store "BREAD & CIRCUS" that attracts attention from all over the country. Natural yeast bread you want to eat any number of times. In the background to make it, there was a unique shopkeeper's research and 20 years of experience crystals.

Yugawara's new shop

  • TEA STAND【Sagyo】

    BORDERLESS TEA This is a new open shop that enjoys borderlessness, genre, musical behavior and beachlessness.
    Cream cheese oolong tea and fruit oolong tea are innovative.
  • Yugawara confectionery factory【Rumble】

    Cake delicately made for cute appearance. How about making a cake of Yugawara's popular store as a souvenir for your stay?
  • aesthetic / nail salon【Bamboo】
    To the popular shop quickly with the personality of the owner and a certain technology. Memories of the trip, Salon of reputation also to everyone in the villa.