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  2. New corona preventive measures

New corona preventive measures

  • 【Every morning, we measure the temperature of all employees.】

    Self-control of physical condition is the most important management in daily life as well as prevention of new coronavirus.

    Body temperature is measured for all employees every morning before work, resulting in poor physical condition and hyperthermia.
    Those who have (body temperature higher than normal temperature continues even if it is not more than 37.5 degrees)
    We are doing our best not to work.
  • 【All employees wear masks】

    Originally, I would like to show you a smile and hospitality, but for the time being for a while
    We wanted to make our customers feel at ease and relaxed,
    Please understand that we will serve you.
  • 【We sterilize with UB sterilization lamp】

    Ultraviolet light (UV) decomposes the information contained in bacterial DNA to reduce the number of bacteria or prevent growth.
    It has been.
    UV sterilization is said to be environmentally friendly, leaving no residue.

    Enjoy the TV in room, remote controller for air conditioner, door knob, elevator button, etc. at this property.
    UV sterilized.
  • We have installed a "humidified air purifier" in all guest rooms.

    To ensure a comfortable and comfortable stay in your room,
    We installed a humidified air cleaner (Sharp Plasma Cluster KC-G40-W).
  • All guest rooms are equipped with an alcohol gel for hand disinfection.

    Hand washing is important to prevent new coronaviruses.
    Alcohol cleaning gel is provided in all guest rooms.

  • 【We wash dishes using acidic electrolyzed water】

    The effective chlorine concentration of acidic electrolyzed water (hypochlorous acid water), which is also specified as a food additive, is
    It is a few tens of ppm and has almost no effect on humans or animals.
    Even if it is a low concentration, even if compared with rubbing alcohol, it is reported that the effect is equal or higher.

    At this facility, we use an electrolyzed water generator to wash the cups, glasses, etc. used by our customers.
    We will.

  • We carry out "sterilization and deodorization by ozone generator".

    Ozone is said to have the effect of safely disinfecting and decomposing viruses, and is more effective than an air cleaner.
    It is said that even things that adhere to doors, lockers, and walls can be disassembled.

    In this facility, please enjoy a special time for only two people while watching all the facilities that can become "three honey" such as guest rooms, banquet halls, dressing rooms, clubs, etc.
    We are trying to remove bacteria using an ozone generator.

    If there is a space where you can feel a slight ozone odor, please understand that it is after the disinfection work.

  • We have installed an "Ultrasonic humidifier at a large bath changing room".

    A hot spring for customers to enjoy.
    Ventilation in the dressing room is always done to make it easier and more comfortable to enter.
    This facility always uses an "ultrasonic humidifier" that uses electrolyzed water (hypochlorous acid water).
    We are operating.
  • A "splash prevention shield" is installed on the shuttle car.

    This facility is popular for its free transportation.
    We installed a splash-prevention shield in order to allow passengers to get on board safely.

    Yugawara Station takes about 5 minutes from Yugawara Station to the hotel.
  • We have installed "alcohol disinfectant" on each floor.

    Alcohol disinfectant (Safe Call 58S) is installed in the elevator hall on each floor.
  • Meals are taken at "Dinner and breakfast are completely in the room."

    Throughout the year, this facility provides a complete room meal for both dinner and breakfast.
    Please enjoy the meal avoiding "tightness" leisurely.