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Sightseeing / EVENT

  • 【Nagaya Fudo Waterfall / About 8 minutes by car from the hotel】
  • 【Yugawara Art Museum / Reiji Hiramatsu Memorial Hall / About 8 minutes by car from this Reiji Hiramatsu Memorial Hall】
  • 【Manyo Park / About 8 minutes by car from the hotel 】
  • 【Nishimura Kyotaro Museum / About 10 minutes by car from the hotel by car 】
  • 【Fukusen-ji Temple Kubi-daibutsu, the Statue of Buddha's neck / approximately 5 minutes by car from the hotel · 15 minutes on foot 】
  • 【Gosho Shrine / Approximately 3 minutes by car from the hotel · Approximately 6 minutes on foot】
  • 【Tivoli Yugawara Sweets Factory / About 5 minutes by car from this hotel】
  • 【Sukeganji temple / About 5 minutes by car from the hotel, about 15 minutes on foot】
  • 【Makuyama Park / About 14 minutes by car from our hotel 】
  • 【About 20 minutes from Hoshigayama Park / hotel by car】
  • 【Yoshihama Beach / About 10 minutes by car from our hotel】
  • 【Living National Treasure Museum / approximately from the hotel by car】
  • 【Manazuru Pleasure Boat / It is approximately 20 minutes by car from our building】
  • 【Ichiyajo Yoroizuka Farm / About 25 minutes by car from the hotel】
  • 【Odawara Castle / About 27 minutes by car from the hotel】
  • 【Lake Ashi / About 40 minutes by car from the hotel】
  • 【Gotemba Premium Outlets / About 65 minutes by car from the hotel】
  • 【Shonan Enoshima / Enoshima Aquarium / About 60 minutes by car from the hotel】

A breath in sightseeing ...Yugawara local popular lunch store

Various events that color Yugawara

  • Yugawara Bairin【Ume-no-Utage】

    About 4,000 red plum blossoms and white plum blossoms on the foothills of "Mt Makuyama" where you can meet magnificent natural scenery through the four seasons
    Blooming like a plum carpet, the garden is wrapped in plum fragrance.

    【Duration】 Early February to early March

    【Guests staying at this facility will be entrance free】
    ■In case of visiting before check-in···Please submit the entrance ticket to the front desk of the hotel.
                      I will exchange it.
    ■In case of visiting after checkout···Free admission tickets will be distributed at this facility.
    ■Every morning from the hotel, free bus service to Bairin

  • Gosho Shrine【Setsubun festival】

    We planted beans from the stage with a cry of 'Uncle Fuku, Fukuoka'
    It is a god that gives birth to blessings.
    Please drop in on your way home.

    ※It is about 5 minutes on foot from the hotel.

    【Date and time】 February 3 every year
    "Venue", Gosho Shrine
  • Doi Festival【Samurai queue】

    In memory of the history of eternity, it is a warrior line of Genichita Army.

    【Date and time】 April
    "Venue", Gosho Shrine - Yugawara Station, plans
  • Yugawara Onsen【Yukake Festival】

    In the Edo era, because of the high efficiency of the hot water here, pack the hot springs in a barrel and place it in the Daimyo family and the dormitory
    It is a popular event originating from ancient times wishing hot water with praying for safety on the way.

    Experience Hand treasure shrine plan.
    Please take this opportunity to experience a mikoshi and experience Yugawara Onsen whole body.

    【Date and time】:May 22, 2021 (Saturday) Cancellation decision
    ※It will be held on the 4th Saturday of May every year.
    【open time】 Shrine parade parade from 7 pm to 9:30 pm

  • Yugawara Onsen【Hotaru-no-utage Dinner】

    Yugawara where fireflies are Niizaki River Chitose River and Niizaki River flowing in the town.  
    The biggest popular event of early summer that such nature of Yugawara gives is "Hotaru-no-utage Dinner".

    【Duration】 The 3rd year of Reiwa was canceled due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection.
  • Hoshigayama Park【Satsuki no Sato】

    You can enjoy the splendid view over Sagami Bay and the sizzling of 50,000 shares in full bloom.
    During the period sales corner of local products are established, and temporary buses are also operated.

    【Duration】 Scheduled for late May to early June
    "Holding place", a Hoshigayama Park a Hoshigayama Park
  • Yugawara Onsen【Yassa Matsuri / Yassa parade】

    【Date and time】 The 3rd year of Reiwa was canceled due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection.

    "Parade course", From Yugawara Elementary School to Sakuragi Park, From 18:00 to 21:00

    Dancing rituals and flower cars parade roadside alongside "Yasashi, Tadashi" calls
    Yugawara's biggest event.
  • Yugawara Onsen【Maritime fireworks festival】

    Yugawara Beach largest 6000 fireworks fireworks in the prefecture from the offshore of Yugawara Beach
    I will color the night sky and the surface of the water.

    ※You can see it from the rooftop of the hotel.

    【Date and time】 The event was postponed during August 2021(7/21 Yugawara Town Public Relations)
  • 【Atami Fireworks Show】

    It is a grand fireworks display in the neighboring town, Atami
    Every year, a lot of people go out wearing yukata from the hotel.

    You can apply together with various plan hotel (with bleachers / without meals, etc.).

    【Access】 7 minutes from JR Yugawara Station
    【Date and time】 All dates have been canceled in August.
    【open time】 20:20 to 20:45 5,000 departures
    【Venue】 Atami harbor