Yugawara Onsen, Akane
Yugawara the scenery of Sagami Bay and Yugawara from 100 meters above sea level.

【Official】Hotel Akane

The landscape of the Manazuru Peninsula, Sagami Bay and Yugawara Townscape overlooking from the hotel is said to be the Best Yugawara. Please enjoy the transition of the four seasons of change to your heart's content.

Efforts of this facility to prevent new coronavirus infection

  • Measures to prevent new coronavirus infection

    At this facility, customers can stay with peace of mind
    We are doing our best to prevent the infection of the new coronavirus.

    All customers will take a thermometer when entering the building.
    If your body temperature is above 37.5 degrees, you may not be able to enter the building.
    In addition, please be sure to wear a mask in this facility.
    We kindly ask for your understanding and cooperation in preventing infection.

    Please click "New Coronavirus Infection Prevention Measures" at the top.
  • Thank you for your cooperation in eating and drinking masks.

    【For your peace of mind】
    We ask for the cooperation of "mask eating and drinking" so that our customers can spend their time with peace of mind.
    Thank you.

    Target facility
    ■Cafe Terrace Kiho
    ■Bar "Tsukiyohama" is closed
    ■All banquet halls
    Note) When moving within this facility, please be sure to wear a mask.

All rooms at this facility are non-smoking.

  • We kindly ask for your cooperation in smoking cessation in all rooms for a comfortable stay.

    For your comfort, all guest rooms and public spaces will be non-smoking from February 14, 4th year of Reiwa.Smoking rooms will be set up on the 1st, 3rd, 4th and 5th floors.
    Thank you for your cooperation.

About Kanagawa Travel Discount

  • Kanagawa Travel Discount has been extended to 7/14.

    【Target period】Reiwa 4th July 1st (Friday) -July 15th (Friday) Check-out
    【Target users】Kanagawa,Chiba,Saitama,Gunma,Ibaraki,Yamanashi,Tochigi,Shizuoka
    【Discount details】5,000 yen discount for travel price of 10,000 yen or more + 2,000 yen regional coupon
        If the travel price is 6,000 yen or more, 3,000 yen discount + 2,000 yen regional coupon
    【To get a discount】Please be sure to read the link.
    【Reservation start date】On sale from 12:00 on Monday, June 27, 4th year of Reiwa
    【Note】Customers who complete their reservations from July 1st to July 14th, 4th year of Reiwa before June 27th will be required to reschedule their reservations, otherwise they will not be able to receive the discount.
  • Information on "Kanagawa Travel Discount Exclusive plan" after July 1st

    【Kanagawa Travel Discount Exclusive plan】 Please click the image to select a plan.

    【Reservation start date and time】 Scheduled from noon on Monday, June 27, 4th year of Reiwa
    【Reservation period】 Guests staying from July 1st to July 14th, 4th year of Reiwa
    【How to reserve】 Internet reservation only(If there is no vacancy display, it is full.)

    【Note]Customers who have completed the application for the applicable period before 6/27 are eligible for the discount
    Please try again as it will not be possible.

August 3, 4th year of Reiwa "Yugawara Onsen Fireworks Festival" held

  • You can see it from the hotel's guest rooms and terrace.

    Yugawara Onsen Fireworks Festival" was held on Saturday, December 11, 3rd year of Reiwa.
    This time, we were able to see it from our guest room.
    The next Yugawara Fireworks Festival is scheduled for Wednesday, August 3, 4th year of Reiwa.

    Click the image to see the video.

Two new facilities have opened in Akane.

  • The "Starry Sky Terrace", which boasts the the Best Yugawara, has opened.

    Another terrace with a better view has opened in this facility, which boasts the the Best Yugawara.
    You can enjoy the madder red sunset over Sagami Bay and Hakone Mountains during the daytime from the early sunrise.This time, after dinner, we will look up at the star directly above, which is different from the view from the room.
    We have planned so that you can enjoy it.

    It is also ideal for remote work while listening to the birdsong and looking at the spectacular scenery.
    Please look forward to a new healing experience at Akane

    Click the image to see the whole view.

    Open time:6: 00a.m ~ 21: 00p.m
  • Two "telework booths" have opened.

    "My family and friends made a plan for a hot spring trip, but the remote meeting only took place for an hour ..." "It's a family trip, but I have to attend the remote meeting from 13:00 ... To customers such as
    We will set up a new dedicated telebooth that can be used before check-in and after check-out so that we can respond.We will also install monitors and lighting so that you can work comfortably even when you are staying at Worcation.Together with the "Starry Sky Terrace" that opened on the rooftop, we are now able to provide more comfortable worcation.

Akane's hospitality

  • Akane's hospitality

    ■Dinner and breakfast will be served in your room.
    In the hotel you do not have to worry, in order to have dinner with each other,
    We will arrange for your room with evening and breakfast.
    (For more than 7 people will be prepared for private dining hall)

    ■Female customers can choose your favorite color from 5 Yukata colors.

    ■You can take a bath in the hot spring public bath all night.
    (Cleaning time will be from 10:00 to 13:30)

    ■Yugawara Station Free pickup
    Guests coming by train from Yugawara Station from the person
    There is a free pick-up service. (From 14: 00 to 18: 00 / Yugawara Station After arrival necessary inquiries)

Accommodation plan Akane

  • Summer plan from June

    Spring-summer menu starts from April 1st

    This year's spring / summer menu also allows you to choose the same type of meat and seafood to your liking.
    The menu is abundant.
    We also have a rich lineup of spring gold shabu-shabu, Japanese beef shabu-shabu, popular Japanese beef porcelain plates, and abalone porcelain plates.

    ※Supper and breakfast at this facility is a "complete room meal" style that is served in your room.
    You can enjoy it with confidence.(Please contact us by phone for 7 or more people)
  • Reiwa 4th year opens on 7/23【Guest-only pool, PukaPuka】

    It is a pool with a length of 20m and a width of 8m.
    A children's pool is also adjacent.

    【OPEN period】 Saturday, July 23, 4th year of Reiwa-August 31st, 4th year of Reiwa(Wednesday)
    【OPEN time】 From 9:00 am to 17:30

    ※Please bring your swimsuit and bath towel from your home.
    ※Please undress in your room this year.
    ※Alcoholic beverages by the pool are strictly prohibited.
     Thank you for your cooperation.
  • Open again this year☆The popular "Night Pool PukaPuka"

    Click the image to see last year's video.

    Akane's night pool will open again this year.
    This is a private pool only for hotel guests.

    【OPEN period】 Saturday, July 23, 4th year of Reiwa-August 31st, 4th year of Reiwa(Wednesday)
    【OPEN time】From 18:30 to 20:30

    ※Please bring your swimsuit and bath towel from your home.
    ※Please undress in your room this year.
    ※Alcoholic beverages by the pool are strictly prohibited.
     Thank you for your cooperation.

Yugawara-no-yu that is kind to your skin

  • Report on the completion of interior work for the large communal bath "Fukuju-no-yu

    Fukuju-no-yu", which has been loved by customers during the entire building closure due to the state of emergency
    We have completed the interior work and opened a new one.

    What is the theme? "Hot springs in the forest"
    Relax in the city's tired body while feeling the scent of wood in the nature of Yugawara
    We have renovated it with the desire to heal you.

    Thank you for your continued patronage.
  • Your own hot spring【Private Bath/Rakushin-no-yu】

    Luxury called private.
    Please enjoy while talking leisurely with your family alone and with your companion.

    【Opening Hours]From 14:00 to 24:00
    【Bathing time]40 minutes
    【Charge]One group / 1650 yen including tax
    【Reception]Advance reservation required(Same-day reservations may not meet your desired time)
  • the Best Yugawara view hot spring

    【View hot spring/Fukuju-no-yu】
    The hot spring overlooking from 100m above sea level is a large hot spring bath that boasts the the Best Yugawara
    You can take a bath all night from check-in to out, so please enjoy the ever-changing transition.
    Please heal your daily fatigue while having fun.

Feeling the wind of Yugawara

  • 【TERRACE Kiho】

    The terrace of this facility boasts the only view of Yugawara Onsen
    The view that connects the blue of the sea and the blue of the sky is unique to this hotel.

    Please spend an "afternoon moment" after check-in.
    It can also be used for telework.

Various plan according to friends / applications

  • Company·For members of society / IT development training camp【Conference training plan】

    ■Company / IT development camp【Conference training plan】
    This is a accommodation plan that combines two nights with a meeting room (with coffee).

    ◇We will pick you up at Yugawara Station according to the meeting time.
    ◇The all-you-can-drink plan is also available for your banquet after the meeting.
    ◇Entire building wifi complete
    ◇Please contact us for arrangements at the secondary venue.

  • We have a hot spring seminar! In a slightly different laboratory than usual···

    Seminar camp...And hot spring.
    How about Yugawara seminar camp without the hassle with free transportation?

    【Seminar training plan】
    Yugawara Station free transfer according to 1 meeting time.
    2 single rooms available for professors and teachers (1 group 1 room)
    ③ Whole building wifi
    3 Compa venue prepared
    ※(Please refrain from using the venue during the request of the government / prefectural government to prevent corona infection.)
    4Natural hot spring bathing is possible all night
    5 barbecue·Gymnasium etc. arrangement

    ※Please contact us by phone for availability and availability.
    TEL 0465(63)2255
  • 【Group group plan】 We are taking measures against corona.

    Currently, according to the guidance of the government, we are accepting applications with restrictions on the schedule, number of people, etc.

    It is plan with drinks for banquets so that you can easily stay on study trips, comfort trips for friends, etc.

    As a new coronavirus infection prevention at 6 large and small banquet halls of this facility"Wide spacing"
    We will set up a banquet hall.Please contact us by phone in advance.

    1 night / 2 beverages per weekday / 1 beer at banquet
    \ 12,500(consumption tax·Hot spring tax included)~

    2 meals per weekday / 120 minutes at banquet with all you can drink
    \ 14,500(consumption tax·Hot spring tax included)~
    ※Please contact us by phone on Friday, Saturday holiday, specific days.
    ■There is also a conference training plan with conference room and set.

【Special trip alone】

  • Your own hot spring time.【A little Yugawara Single Trip】

    One's own hot spring time not disturbed by anyone.
    Akane you can enjoy leisurely hot spring and Yugawara alone
    All rooms are non-smoking and are popular with women traveling alone.
    Both dinner and breakfast are served in the room.

    Many customers who use it for worcation also visit us.

    Please try this opportunity.

    【Period】From April 2, 2022 to October 14, 2022
    【Charge】From 16,500 yen (excluding hot spring tax 150 yen)

Special day "anniversary option"

  • Akane's "anniversary option"

    Akane to celebrate important birthdays, retirement, 60th birthday, Koki, Kiju, etc.
    We have prepared an "anniversary option" menu.
    You can add only the products you need according to your preferred plan.
    Please enjoy your meal time according to your budget.

    Wine (red/white), sparkling wine, whole cake, boiled snapper, etc.
    If you have any other requests, please contact us.You can make a reservation in advance.

A popular stop in Yugawara

  • Yugawara Soyu Books & Retreat

    【Yugawara Soyu】
    Yugawara Manyo Park has been reborn.
    We have expressed a new healing form that is typical of Yugawara Onsen with the theme of forest, hot water, food, and books.
    At the entrance cafe, you can work remotely while soaking in the footbath on the terraces scattered in the park.
    It's good, and it's good to be healed leisurely.
    Experience the new lifestyle of Yugawara Onsen, which is the inner part of the metropolitan area.

    A hot bath facility has also opened in the park.(Reservation required.)
  • Tivoli Yugawara Sweets Factory

    Suite's Hall of Fame finally opens in Yugawara.
    Experience making sweets buffet and cookies, factory tour and exactly sweets.
    It is a new sight of the popular Yugawara for women.

    Please drop in when you go out.
  • TEA STAND【Sagyo】

    3 minutes walk from Yugawara Station.
    Cozy and elegant tea stand【Sagyo】

    Please try the taste for the first time.

    Tropical oolong, cheese cream oolong, soy milk matcha latte, etc. are popular.

Yugawara Events & Highlights

  • 【Yugawara Onsen / Yassa Matsuri / Yassa parade】..

    Click the image to see the video.

    Yugawara Onsen's largest tourist festival.
    It is a grand parade of dozens of Yugawara Hayashi flower carts and hundreds of Yassa dances.
    You can see it from the hotel in 5 to 6 minutes on foot after dinner.

    【Period】August 2, 4th year of Reiwa(Tuesday)
    【Venue】From Yugawara Elementary School to Sakuragi Park(The parade course will be completely closed)

    Note: If the coronavirus spreads, the event may be canceled.

Reserve·Contact us

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.